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Remote work is great. But the reality is there are some tradeoffs.

Working remotely can be lonely and isolating. The truth is that casual interactions and ad-hoc collaboration just happen less frequently on distributed teams. If you work remotely, you may be familiar with…

You know your social health is vital to living a well-balanced life, but it’s hard enough to make friends as an adult, and not having an office to go into compounds that.

By joining a remotehh group, you can find new friends and have meaningful social interactions in a small group who understand remote work is all about — the good parts and the not-so-great parts.

How it works

Fill out your profile, get matched with 3-5 other remote workers, then hang out over video chat.

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We'll ask you some basic questions about who you are, your availability, and what you're interested in. These answers will be vital for the next step...matching.

Get Matched To A Group

We’ll hand match you with a group that wants to meet during your available timeframes and is interested in the things that you are. We'll try to keep the group size around 3-5 people.

Hang Out Over Video Chat

Before your first hang out, we'll send you an email introducing you to your group members and suggest a time to meet, some topics to chat about, and how to get a call started.

One-time Match Fee

Find a great recurring remotehh group with no recurring fee


one time match fee
  • 1 Handmade group match based on your profile
  • 1 re-match if you're not feeling your first group after two sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

(and their answers)

What is a remotehh?

A remotehh is a group of people who meet over video chat typically around once a week for ~30 minutes. Groups will be introduced to one another over email, and we'll let you all determine the video chat technology of your preference. We'll also give you some icebreaker questions specific for your group so you can kick the conversation off right.

What if I’m not a native English speaker?

Right now, all of our groups are English speaking. If you’re interested in a group in another language let us know as we may create additional language groups in the future.

But can’t I just go to a meetup?

Of course you can! We love meetups and other IRL social interactions and definitely encourage them. However, not everyone can go into town every week or so just to attend a meetup. Some of us have odd hours, commutes, families, or may not live near a city with lots of groups to choose from. remotehh is a great way to get face time with a smaller group of people who you have the opportunity to really get to know.

Why is there a fee for this?

We’ve found that people tend to be more accountable when they’ve paid to be there. Also, the payment allows us to hand match up groups according to interests and timezones so that you’re more likely to vibe with your fellow remotehh go-ers. We would absolutely encourage you to start your own group not affiliated with remotehh if you can! That’s totally free.

How do I pay?

You'll be asked to pay the matching fee at the end of filling out your profile. Payments are taken via Stripe. Sorry, we do not take PayPal.

What if I don’t vibe with my group?

While we'll try to get you matched up with people you may like, this is a human process so we may not always get it right. If we don't, you can request a re-match. Just let us know!

Is there a commitment?

remotehh only has a one-time matching fee so there is no commitment.

Where and when do remotehhs take place?

Groups meet online via the group's preferred video chat provider (whether that's a zoom call, hangouts, group facetime, or some other platform). We'll suggest some times in your group introduction email. Sessions typically last around 30 minutes, although ones that go over an hour are definitely not unheard of.

Is there alcohol involved?

Nope! We just wanted to find a name where you can grok that this is all about socializing and getting to know other people. Of course, you can put your favorite beverage of choice in your sippy cup if you so choose, but alcohol is definitely not required to enjoy remotehh.

What will my group talk about?

We'll match you with people who have similar interests, so you'll generally have something in common so that conversation flows naturally. If you get stuck in an awkward pause, we do have a list of icebreaker questions for you to get the conversation rolling again.

Do I have to go on video?

It's not required, but we'd highly recommend turning on your video during calls. It helps to have access to non-verbals when getting to know a group of new people, but you know how that goes already.

What if I have a different question?

We're more than happy to answer any of your concerns and questions. Just shoot us an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Remote work doesn't have to feel lonely.

Add more "life" to your remote work/life balance by joining a remotehh group.

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